Friday, December 25, 2020

4 Reasons Why It Is Hard to Make Friends At Work

Having friends at work not only adds happiness to your daily life but it is also important for having a successful career as your network expands. What happens when you do not have friends at work? No one to save you a seat at a meeting or help you when things go wrong. 

Here are 4 possible reasons why you could not make new friends at work.

1. You think you are always right

Do you find that your colleague always pick on argument with you? Have you realized that when you are in a group discussion, everyone just does not have any opinion? It might not because you are a good speaker or you are right, it might be because you are hard to talk to. Good communication is not about getting everyone to agree with you. If this is your mindset then you need to be prepared to lose some friends. Try to be present and enjoy the difference of everyone's thinking. That is what makes everyone unique.

2. You set yourself a high standard of friendship 

You might remember your friend's birthday, buy food for your friends and do not mind answering your friend's call at 4 in the morning. Sadly, most of your friends could not meet that standard. Just fully accept whatever your friend's character is. Everyone has their priorities and nobody is perfect. Your friends might betray or disappoint you at one time. Forgive your friends just the way you want to be forgiven when you did something wrong. Just be yourself and let your friends be themselves. Join more clubs, having a few hobbies and a pet can help take the pressure off and you will not look too needy when it comes to the expectation of a friendship.

3. You complain too much

Do you have a friend that every time you are done talking with them, you feel very positive? It is most probably because everything they talk about brings up your energy. If you find your friends decline your invites to coffee or plan gatherings, perhaps you need to flashback the previous meetups with them on what actually happened. Did you spend the entire meet up bragging about every sad and sorry thing in your life? That might be the reason no one wants to hang out with you. Everyone has their own challenges in life. Most of us have a bad boss or landlord or ex. To be likeable, you need to drop down the constant brag of the negative that paints you as the worst luck person. 

Ditch that whiny habit and spread positivity when around your friends.

4. You do not socialize physically

Although we are connected virtually now, meeting up with friends physically gives a value to the friendship. Joining a club, event or membership also allows you to know more friends. This allows you to brush up your social skills and improve your networking circle. 

 "Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter" - Izaak Walton


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