Sunday, July 26, 2020

Pros and Cons of getting to work too early

Most people ask, do I really achieve more if I start my work earlier? Should I change my wake up time or commute time? How do I maximize the time I have to achieve more?

Although most successful people rise up early, it does not mean you must too. You need to understand what is best for yourself. Here are 4 good and bad sides of getting to work too early for you to reflect on.


1. Start the Day With a Small Act of Success

Getting up early itself is a success. When you make your bed, it is another success. All these small successes will continue to motivate you to be productive for the whole day.

2. Get More Things Done

When you reach your office while it's quiet and calm, you can start your work without getting distracted by your colleagues and clients. You can also make your last preparations if you need to make presentations first thing when your boss arrives. If your day is usually hectic by dealing with a lot of people, then you should wake up early and go to work early to earn yourself some quiet time in the morning.

3. Have More Time to Plan and Set Priorities

Most of us will see all the emails and meeting invitations as soon as we turn open Outlook first thing in the morning. The mood can be different depending on what time we open the Outlook. If you are not urgently needed to respond, you can plan your day and set priorities.

4. Give Your Best Impression

Arrive early to work gives a positive impression to your boss and your colleagues. It shows that you are willing to spend more of your time on your career and the company. At times, only this work of ethics alone will influence your boss' decision. 


1. Your Productivity Time is Different With Everyone

You may get things done earlier, but if your productivity is dropping in the late afternoon while everyone else in the meeting room is still fresh, that can affect how others look at you.

2. You Might Look Like You are Not Dedicated

With your productivity dropping after 5pm, you might as well pack up and head home. With everyone still working looking at you walking out the door, you might look like you are not motivated to strife more in your career.

3. You Can’t Network at Night

When you get invited to formal or informal networking events or at night, you either reject it or force yourself all the way. Remembering names and concentrating on the conversation can be hard when all your stamina is drained. 

Sometimes, good networking after work can get you more business or solve a problem.

4. You’ll Lose Sleep

If you get to bed late and still wake up early, it means you are only going to lose your sleep time. Having not enough sleep will weaken your immunity, health, memory, and mood.

If you wake up too early, you can do some reading, errands, or even make a cool breakfast before you commute to work. If you are a late person, you can do this at night.  The fact is that everybody is different. That is just wasted if you are naturally a night owl but you are convinced otherwise. We all just want to get things done. It is all up to ourselves on how to optimize our day.

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