Monday, June 22, 2020

How to fix these 3 career mistake you are making right now

There are many ways to be successful. Some of them you know consciously but some are unconscious. The same goes for mistakes that prevent you to strive to be better in your career. Here are 3 unconscious mistakes that you might be doing right now.

1. Helping Your Co-Workers and Bosses to Do Their Jobs

 If you find yourself very busy and your co-workers or bosses seem to be very free, something is not right. Why is the workload not distributed fairly among all the other staff? Or are you helping your co-workers and bosses to do their work?

 If that is what happens in your career, you have to ask yourself - what do you gain or learn while you are helping them? If you are helping them without getting any benefit or their favour, you are actually wasting your valuable time. 

 If you are helping in exchange for expediting the entire project faster, you are also damaging the system in your team or the company. They are unable to learn how to work faster or find a more efficient way of doing their job. 

 However, it is OK to help out others if the task is going to add strength to your portfolio, expanding your network or simply if there is a skill that you may acquire from helping out. 

2. Sacrifice Sleep to Get More Done

 We used to burn the midnight oil when we were studying at the last minute for an exam. It works for a short period of time to get things done. But the situation is not the same when we are working. We need to perform well consistently and we need our health and mental fitness to be at the optimal state. Getting enough sleep plays an important role in this.

 Working while you are tired or sleepy is almost as ineffective as working while you are drunk. This is one of the worst mistakes anyone can make. You are wasting your time, energy, and health altogether.

 Do have a fixed sleeping time so that your biological clock is attuned to it. 

3. Hanging out with gossipers

 Gossip may be funny a little once a while, but often if the topic involves a person or a sticky situation, it is toxic. If you realize you are unintentionally spreading negativity, you should stop it. You could end up becoming the negative charger.

 There will be gossipers in your workplace and it is up to you to recognize who they are and be mindful when you are communicating with them. Never intentionally engage in gossip as this might hurt your career health in the long run. 

"No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who is not trying" - Tony Robbins


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