Monday, June 29, 2020

3 Ways How To Improve Your Relationship with your Boss

 Throughout your career life, your relationship with your boss is considered the utmost important concern you should take good care at. Your career days are easy or hard depending on if your boss is your best ally instead of your worst enemy. Different boss' personality varies from one to another. Here are three ways to cultivate a good relationship with your boss.

1. Understand how your boss leverages works and priorities.

 Observe your boss from time to time. Does your boss care a lot about margin and cost? Or your boss likes a speedy task and project? Or your boss prefered tasks to be done with the least resources? This will make your career life easier in the future as you are able to expect what to focus on. 

 If your boss likes micro-manage, be prepared to provide him/her with all the details of your work before he/she even asks. Keep a tracker of your work and update frequently so that when your boss asks about it, you can easily retrieve the progress to update him/her. 

2. Do not add more problems to your boss. Provide more solutions instead.

 If you come across something suspicious in the data, do not ignore it and carry on. See if you can settle it on the spot. Tell your boss about it and you fixed it, and there is no need to worry about it. If you foresee a potential challenge ahead before anybody, bring it up to your boss and suggest a few solutions.

 With this kind of personality gives your boss a peace of mind when letting you handle a project.

 Your focus should be helping your boss solve problems and filter off potential problems before they arise. 

3. Go beyond

 An employee that exceeds his/her expectation of work is very rare these days. Most employees these days are performing lower than expected. 

 Some ways you can perform better at work is to expand your network, know where to look for information to help your work and also ask the right questions. 

 Bosses are always impressed with employees that stay engaged in their work at all times. 

Bonus tips: Get skills that benefit your boss and the team in the long run

 This may need more effort compared to the others but initiative matters more than you know. When your boss realizes you have a skill or you bring the entire team to the next level, high chances are your name is at No.1 to be promoted when the time comes.

 If you have a skill that complements your boss', he will even ask for your advice in that particular area.

"Coming together is a beginning,
staying together is progress,
and working together is success." - Henry Ford


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