Saturday, May 9, 2020

What is the impact of Covid-19 on your job

We are all concerned about what the near future might be after the pandemic. The truth is, we all know it won't be a luster shining future as far as the eyes can see. Whether you are working in the essential industry or not, the Covid-19 pandemic has shifted our usual work environment into a different paradigm that we have not experienced before.

If you are seeking for a new job or currently employed, do expect all these in your career now:


This is a direct impact that we are witnessing now. It might happen to you first hand, or it will be indirectly impacting you. If you are getting retrenched, our heart goes to you. As the headcount getting lesser in your company, you will be expecting to take up jobs which were not your responsibility before this.

For job seekers, you will also face challenges as there are other job seekers who are experienced and may be your tough competition.

The job market will belong to the employer

As a job seeker, your employment terms are now dictated by the employer. Companies will not negotiate your salary as there are other experienced candidates waiting in line to accept the offer in your position. You will also see lesser compensation & benefits packages being advertised by the company. Ideas such as work-life balance, employment benefits, and additional perks will be something of a past. Employers will also be reluctant to offer a permanent contract, instead offering periodical contracts in fear of bad times ahead.

The manufacturer will move out of China

The pandemic crippled the manufacturing sector on a large scale mainly because the supply chain manufacturers are relying on are mostly based in China. During the Wuhan lock down a lot of materials shipment been delayed and also workforce couldn't start their job. 

We will be seeing more business owners moving out their manufacturing plants from China. One promising new location would be in Vietnam. Large companies will not be putting all their eggs in the same basket and try to disperse out their supply chain. 

There will be a high demand for IT skills

Although some of us might be out of a job, there is also high demand for IT jobs such as software programmers, online marketers, content creators, etc. These jobs required IT skills, so it is advisable for you to pick up some of the skills now. 

Working-from-home will be a norm

Working-from-home used to be a one-off arrangement when employee need to attend to personal matters. Depending on the nature of the job, most work can be done online and it is actually a cost-saving method for companies to opt for working-from-home arrangements. With this, you have to expect benefit cuts such as no travel allowance, lesser annual leaves, or meal allowance in your employment package. 

Reduction in department budget 

Before going through the drastic step of retrenchment, usually, you will go through the period of the budget constraint. This is because the process of retrenchment is a painful one, and most struggling companies will be more frugal when spending the budget.

What does this mean to you? For one, there will be slow hiring, less internship placement being offered and possibly no companies will be hiring. For job seekers, it will be a difficult time to be "shopping" for a new job. If you are currently being employed, you might have to expect lower increment, promotion, and bonuses, especially for non-essential businesses. Also, there will be projects on-hold, lesser training, and employee events and celebration.

Workforce getting older due to tough times ahead

This is not a good news for fresh graduates, but we foresee that the workforce will be getting older. The experienced employees cannot afford retirement as the cost of living is rising. The company will also benefit from the experienced employees as there will be no training cost and in return, the employees are more efficient.

Brace yourself as this is a difficult time for most of us. However, on the bright side, if we manage to pull through this, we will be a tough generation that is ready for any challenges ahead. 

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