Friday, May 8, 2020

Jobs that will be replaced by A.I.

 Ever since the computer was invented, our lives never stop changing - from the analogue paperwork to relying everything on the internet, our lives have been digitalized tremendously. Even so, now with the advancement of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), undoubtedly, the way we live will change as well. The digital breakthrough of A.I created jobs that we have not seen before in the past decade, but it will also take away some of the existing jobs that some of us are serving. Here are a few jobs that will be replaced by A.I. in a matter of time: 


  We will still be relying on cars and buses in the future, but as A.I. is getting smarter, it will be able to help us to drive our vehicles on autopilot mode to the place that we want to go. Thanks to Tesla, semi-automated driving is already here and it is a matter of time when it becomes fully automated. Imagine setting your destination on the dashboard, and the vehicle will move on its own using the designated route programmed into the system.

Courier & Delivery Services

 While we are still on the topic of smart AI, it is used to reformat robots and drones. While cars carry us to one place, drones and robots will be transporting items around.

 One example is Starship Technologies. They have tiny smart robots that deliver packages and foods in Redwood City within 2 miles. Also, Amazon have deployed Prime Air autonomous drone that able to deliver your Amazon orders within 30 minutes.


 Have you ever chat on phone or internet with customer service until you realized that it is a robot? More companies are switching from telemarketers to robocalls and robot chat. A robot can achieve more at cold calling due to its speed and judgement while a telemarketer needs to rely on emotions and working hours.

 One prime example is the Air Asia chatbot Ava (Air Asia Virtual Allstar) that serves as the first line of customer service. The only challenge is to map the data points of the keywords and matching them to the most desirable answers. 

While most chatbots are not as sophisticated as an actual human communicating to you, with the cross-use of your online behaviour, the system is able to pick up your data even before you chat with the virtual assistant.

Factory/Manufacturing Workers

 Besides cold calling, robots perform better than humans at assembling industries too. The recent health crisis causes many companies to realize the advantage of an automated machine. Hence, a job such as an operator, QC inspector, Visual inspector, etc. will be obsolete. Robots are easier to maintain and with frequent preventive maintenance, it can run at an optimal pace.


 When we are lost in a shopping centre, we tend to find a digital directory or information kiosk more than a help desk. The information kiosk provides precise information and sometimes available in many different languages.

 This has already applied in the shopping centre, hospitals and large companies that can afford it. Now, there are even apps that you can use prior to reaching the building. One of the success stories is Honeywell's LobbyWorks application that allows building dwellers to manage their visitors remotely. 

Data Analyst

 The data analyst occupation might be short-lived. As we heavily depending on data analysts to help us make an informed decision, this job will also be shifted to the software development stage, where all data will be automatically processed based on certain algorithms. Users will be able to retrieve the data in one click and also use prescriptive and predictive data through the software program. 

"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional" - John Maxwell

 It will not be long before A.I. surprises us with unbelievable intelligence. Of course, the jobs we mentioned above will not be completely wiped out, as there are still issues of cost and implementation of A.I. in the respective companies.

 With the mass technology in the future, there will be a new job demand such as developers, trainers, explainers, and sustainers. The education, health, food, and entertainment industries will also be expected to boom in the future as well.

 By the end of the day, it is about how we should improve our lives. The internet is here for us to connect with each other faster and better. A.I. helps us perform calculations, record data, and do the tedious searching for us so that we can focus on doing much more meaningful activities. We can think of new ideas. We can spend more time with our loved ones.


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