Thursday, May 21, 2020

What to expect if you are looking for job during the pandemic

Your job searching experience will be more or less disoriented during the pandemic. Some processes are restricted, such as you are not allowed to visit the company as an interviewee. If you are looking for a job right now or managed to score an offer letter, here are some of the things you can expect to happen in your job searching experience. 

Preparation for your interview

The recruiter will be most likely to arrange an online interview for you if you manage to score one. Hence, you should prepare a folder with your resume, cover letter, scanned copy of your academic scroll, academic transcript and even a presentation of your university final year project. Upload them in Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, or whichever document-sharing platform you prefer. If you are lucky to get the opportunity for an interview, all these files will come in handy. 

Vague answers/result after your interview

Speaking from experience as an employer, in current difficult situations, it is hard for employer to give you a clear-cut answer. Moreover, if you are a potential hire. There are a lot of internal factors to be considered compared to pre-pandemic time. Some hiring managers might have shortlisted you for hiring, but been held back by a limited budget. Or they have to prioritize internal candidates. The situation is different for different companies. 

Virtual onboarding program

Typically when you join a new company, there will be a team of people welcoming you such as the HR, your teammates, etc. While still practising social distancing and some companies have opted for working-from-home until further notice, your onboarding would be arranged in online presentation format. It is not as engaging as a physical onboarding, but it is still an experience you will need to expect. 

Self-learning is a must

Consider yourself very lucky if you are being offered a job in the current situation. Millions of people out there would kill to be in your position. However, once you step foot on your role, expect minimal supervision because you might be working from home, or the mentor assigned to you might be working from home. The current work process have shifted 360, and the existing employees are still adjusting to the new-norm. By joining the company, you need to be self-reliance and ask the correct questions to the correct people. This will be extremely challenging especially for fresh graduates. Your cue is always to refer to your manager for support, but a majority of self-learning is still expected from you. 

Undergo the Covid-19 test

Companies with high revenue and headcount, a Covid-19 test will be required, especially MNC companies or manufacturing. They cannot risk having the company closed due to a single case of Covid-19. By closing the company one day for disinfection and contact testing, it might cost them a few million. Hence, the new employee might be required to undergo the Covid-19 test to ensure the safety of the existing employees at work. 


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