Thursday, May 14, 2020

Checklist for Selling On Facebook Live (and other Social Media Channels)

If you have a Facebook account, you probably have stumbled on one or two Facebook Live Sales. This is a sales channel popularised by China social media entrepreneurs. Selling on screen isn’t a new thing, we had QVC and Astro Go Shop similars that demonstrate products on TV with a phone number to call for an order. Such a marketing method is widely popular now because anyone can host their own sales video with a click of a button. 

Although it seems effortless how these sellers can earn a five-digit income online, it takes a lot of preparation on the backend before they click that Go Live button. If this is your first time selling on live video, be sure to tick the checklists below:

1. Plan the tools that you want to use

Before going live, check the tools that you need such as a microphone, backdrop, the products that you are selling, stuff you need to use for demonstration, etc. Be sure to test it out to avoid mishaps during the live video.

One example is the selling of beauty products - you may need a mirror, makeup remover, brush, etc. to demonstrate your products. Prepare those beforehand and make sure it is within the reach of your arm. 

The tools that you need might also be online tools. The application such as Xsplit Broadcaster or Streamyard is able to help you build a more professional live video. You can choose from the templates, broadcast to different channels,  create banner as you go live, etc. Take time to explore those apps before you go for your live. 

2. Plan your video flow

Just like any other videos, your live video needs a flow. An example is, if you are selling a book - you'd do an introduction of the author, background of the book, read a chapter of the book, and so on. 

If you are not used to developing spontaneous speech, write down bullet points of the dialogue and place it next to your filming device.  

3. Incorporate engagement plan in your video 

In order to keep your audience continue to watch your video, you need to plan some engagement activities. 

  • Do a giveaway or contest and reveal the winner at the end of the video.
  • Ask your audience to Like or Heart the video.
  • Constantly ask questions are get them to answer in the comment section. 
  • Get your audience to share the video on their timeline. 

If you are familiar with the functions of the video stream apps, you are able to make use of the banner, whiteboard functions, etc. to keep your audience engaged. 

4. Pick the best time for your live video

It depends on who is your target audience, you have to pick the best time that catches their attention. Typically, the best time to do a live video is at 8PM-10PM at night. Usually, after dinner, people will scroll on Facebook aimlessly. On the weekend, 10AM-12PM would be the best time. 

You should not pick the time like 4:30PM when the Health Ministry is having live press conference because everyone will most likely tune in to it. 

5. Plan your marketing

Do not pop up with your live video out of a sudden. You might catch your audience at the wrong time. Let your friends and family know at least 3 days before you plan to have your live video. Create a Facebook post about it, send calendar invitation and keep reminding your followers daily until the day of your live event. 

I highly recommend you to use Canva to create your Facebook post artwork. It has hundreds of beautiful templates you can use. 

6. Be punctual

As a sign of respect for those who eager to watch your video, be punctual on the time you have set. If you delay your video, you are going to lose some of your audiences and also, the next time you go on Facebook live, you might not be able to get their attention again. 

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