Tuesday, May 19, 2020

5 Things You Can Do To Enhance Your Job Security During the Pandemic

While some of us got retrenched from our job and some of us at risk of losing our job soon, those who are still employed should feel fortunate and grateful for your situation. Your position might not be permanent, like all industries risk of falling apart due to the economic crisis and some companies are facing financial difficulties. Amidst the pandemic, you are still retain some control over the potential of your career growth if you are still employed.

Here are the 5 things you can do to keep your job secured and also use this opportunity to showcase your potential. 

Stay alert on all corporate communications

In such a time of crisis, companies may change their policy to suit the event. For example, in order to continue its operation, the company has to follow strict guidelines from the government, otherwise, it will be ordered to shut down for the time being. Some of the rules set are mandatory. By adhering to all the new rules and regulations set by the company from time to time, you are helping your company to continue the business, as well as supporting your own job in order to receive your monthly salary. 

Be flexible

Understand that your work process might change, some of it may become tedious and lengthy to follow. In some cases, you might be transferred to a different department where manpower is urgently needed. Or your workload might increase. Be flexible to embrace the new responsibility given to you. Take this opportunity to learn something new which might not be given to you if we're not in a pandemic situation. This is also your opportunity to showcase that you are able to contribute during the catastrophe. 

Be agile

Besides accepting new roles and responsibilities, you are also expected to be agile in executing your tasks. Some tasks are time-sensitive, hence you need to readjust your priorities all over. You are expected to come up with quick solutions to the new responsibilities. Put on your thinking hat and work on it in a rapid motion. 

Initiate self-learning

If you are a new employee, a fresh graduate, or been thrown a new responsibility, expect to learn yourself on how to solve your problem. Know who to look for when you need help, find the resources you need within, and execute your job gracefully. In such fire-fighting situation, you might not have the time to enrol yourself in a 6-hour training course, sit and reflect on the course materials like how we used to. 

Communicate your ideas

We are a believer that in times of crisis comes opportunity. Take this crisis as an opportunity to shine. One way is to communicate your ideas to your boss. Be proactive to find your own effective ways to complete your job. Your boss will thank you for contributing to the team. As you propose your ideas, be open-minded to be rejected as well. Learn from such decision made by your boss why your ideas are being rejected. Otherwise, if your ideas are accepted, take up the responsibility to lead on the task no matter how trivial it might be. 

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