Friday, April 24, 2020

6 Tips on How to Perform Better During a Global Crisis with Steven Kotler

Steven Kotler is the guy you should go to if you want to master your grit and perseverance. He is the Executive Director of the Flow Research Collective and is one of the best leading experts on leading performance. His latest book, Stealing Fire got into the national bestseller and nominated for Pulitzer Prize. And his previous book, The Rise of Superman is the first New York Times Bestseller in the sports, science, psychology, and business categories simultaneously. His other books such as Abundance and Tomorrowland is worth mentioning as well. Most of his works are highly recommended by famous top performers such as Elon Musk, Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Jason Silva, Ray Kurzweil, Ariana Huffington and many more.

Besides money matters, generally, lack of focus and procrastination is the biggest enemy to your performance. Read more to discover how you can combat these problems and perform better during the global crisis.

What we are currently facing right now is something unprecedented. We are all advised to stay at home for a long period, and unable to do a lot of things that we enjoyed doing on normal days. Even our parents and grandparents did not experience this before. Our brain needs some time to adapt and process on how to handle such stress. Our brain naturally reacted to uncertainty and probabilistic threat with anxiety. When the challenge and stress gets intense, we tend to procrastinate.

Steven and his team have done research on positive psychology for 30 years. There are 6 things we can do to tune up our nervous system in such a crisis.

Attune to your energy side which means the body

1. Get enough sleep
2. Get enough hydration and nutrition
3. Get social support 

Attune to your mental side which means the brain

4. Perform daily gratitude to calm down your nervous system
5. Practice mindfulness such as meditation or breathwork
6. Exercise so that you can flush out the stress hormone

On a normal day, we can skip any of the practice above and get away with it without feeling stressed. However, during a crisis, we need to ensure to practice all the 6 processes above. Look at the bright side and turn the crisis into an opportunity. Don't let a good opportunity be wasted away. So when we all come out of the other side, we will become a better person.

You will get a detailed understanding of peak performance in Steven Kotler's Ferocity masterclass. It is truly mind-blowing. He teaches us how to stack up all of our motivations (autonomy, purpose, passion, curiosity, mastery, pride, money, fear, etc) and then grit, focus, intensity, productivity comes automatically. In another way of saying, your peak performance will run on auto-pilot if you manage to master his system.

"Peak performance is more about STATES OF CONCIOUSNESS than skill sets"


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