Tuesday, November 19, 2019

10 Jobs That Will Exist in 2020

What you about to read here are already available in the market. But due to the change in the job market landscape, the demand and supply of skills, and also the need for more specific skills, these are the jobs that will become popular in 2020 (as we predict).

#1 - Sensory Interior Designer

The Sensory Interior Designers are technically known as an interior designer these days. What a SID does is to incorporate the psychological part of the stakeholders in their design. For example, a luxury spa would want someone to feel cosy and at ease as soon as they walk into the store. The job of the SID is to bridge the ultimate goal of the business by tapping into the psyche of the customers.

Who is it suitable for?
Interior designer, psychologist

#2 - Content Creator

Typically, a brand would hire a graphic designer to create their ads, a copywriter to generate enticing statement to the ads, and then send over the artwork and text to the social media manager to upload on the different social media platform. Because the fast pace in social media, all the three jobs should be done by one person, which is the content creator.

The need to combine all these work into one is because the social media manager understands what the appetite of the readers, hence able to create a content that is more relevant to the demographic it intends to target.

Who is it suitable for?
Graphic designer, mass communication students, copywriter

#3 - Genetic Engineer

Genetic modification is no longer a rocket science. In fact, the genetic bank has billions of records. The work of the future genetic engineer is more than just making beautiful babies, but repair defective genes on a living person, cure diseases that can be prevented, etc.

Who is it suitable for?
Medical practitioner, specialist

#4 - Training Module Designer

The online training platforms are growing like mushrooms. People are subject matter experts are jumping into creating an online course. But the problem here is, we don't have a specific job to do that. A training module designer should be able to collect materials from the subject matter expert, plan the production of the, edit the content and upload it to the suitable platforms.

Who is it suitable for?
Basically anyone. This job is so new that there is no checklist to whom it is suitable for.

#5 - Data Scientist

You probably have heard of the job of a data analyst. A data scientist has a similar job scope but with extended responsibilities. Sometimes this position is called a data engineer. A data scientist does all the nitty gritty job of a data analyst, but he or she also expected to design the data collection tools and techniques, which wasn't the job of a data analyst before this. At the end of the data scientist job scope is to provide consultation on the data application part from their findings.

Who is it suitable for?
Data engineer, statistic specialist

#6 - VR Content Creator

The need for VR content goes beyond games. We need people who can create VR experience for learning tools, sports and recreation aspects, tour experience and also as assessment tool.

Who is it suitable for?
Computer science, programmer

#7 - Conversion Manager

You are probably familiar with marketing manager who does all the marketing gimmicks for a brand. And then, there's the sales manager, who struggles to convince the potential customers to purchase the product. There is a gap between these two roles, and hence the conversion manager role is created.

Who is it suitable for?
Branding, marketing & sales personnel

#8 - Travel Designer

Travel used to be a luxury recreation. But now traveling is so accessible with the cheap air flight, Airbnb, etc. that a college student can afford a nice vacation as well. A travel designer is a person who crafts the entire travel plan for you based on your travel needs. For example, a couple might hire a travel designer to prepare the entire vacation for their family while they are having the overseas wedding in Bali.

Who is it suitable for?
Anyone who can deal with stressful travelers

#9 - Health Manager

Conventionally, when we are sick, we consult a doctor, go to the pharmacy to get our medicine and wait for our body to cure. When it comes to terminal illness, you need a lot more help. Should you claim the insurance? Is my insurance enough to cover my 6th or 7th chemo therapy? Is there any other doctor who charge lower in other countries? Are there other specialists who have dealt with similar case? Should I take the original drugs or the generic drugs? All these questions can be addressed by the health manager. Ideally, these health managers should not be attached to any hospitals, insurance provider, etc. so that they can give impartial recommendation.

Who is suitable for?
Medical practitioner

#10 - Environmental Specialist

There's no need a lecture on global warming, natural disaster, etc. We all experience that there is a change in the environment where we live in. The environmental specialist is the person who should assist business owners in all the environmental aspects. The industry that needed this role desparately is the developer. 

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