Wednesday, June 5, 2019

4 Hacks to Speed Up Your Learning Process by Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik is arguably the best memory and speed-reading expert on the planet. He had worked with reputable companies such as Virgin, Nike, GE, Fox Studios, Zappos and SpaceX to train the staff in fasten their learning curve. Typically such corporate training cost a lot of money, but we're feeling generous to teach you the Jim Kwik's FAST way of learning.  

Just remember "F-A-S-T".

"F" stands for FORGET

Temporarily forget these 3 things and get it off your mind. 
  • Forget what you already know about the subject. It is hard to accept something new if you keep on thinking that you already knew the subject. Like Bruce Lee said, "empty your cup so that it may be filled".
  • Forget whatever that is not related to the subject. You cannot be fully concentrated if you are thinking about what to do after the lesson. For example, when you are reading, do not invite other thoughts such as what should I eat for dinner
  • Forget that your learning has limits. Jim Kwik suffered a brain injury when he was 5. And now he is a brain coach and developing superbrain masterclass to benefit others.

"A" stands for ACTIVE

  • Participate. Be involved. If you notice that you learn faster in practical lessons compared to classroom lessons because you are actively participating in the learning process. 
  • Ask questions and take notes - is part of the active learning process.
  • If possible, volunteer yourself to be the demonstrator or raise up your hand to ask questions. 

"S" stands for STATE

  • Your learning ability is pretty much state-dependent. Do you ever recall something randomly when your state is exactly the same state when you are learning that particular stuff?
  • Adjust your posture. Sit, stand, and breathe in the way you are at your most optimum state.
  • Excited what you are going to do with the knowledge you earn.
  • Attach emotion to the things you are learning. (e.g. happy, sad & curious)
  • In school, we are bad at a particular subject because you have not fully developed emotions during that time. 

"T" stands for TEACH

  • If you are learning with the intention to teach, you will pay more attention and absorb more rapidly.
  • You will concentrate and understand better if you are going to take an exam or present it later on.
  • When you learn and then teach, you get to learn it twice.

"If you fight for your limitations, you get to keep them - Jim Kwik"


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