Sunday, December 23, 2018

5 Food Delivery Services in Klang Valley

Rushing for proposal, get stuck in a long meeting or spending a late night in the office? These aren't excuses to skip lunch, especially with effective food delivery services, you can enjoy a good meal even with a tight schedule.

Here are 5 food delivery services that you can use:

Food Panda

Food Panda is arguably the first food delivery service. It has a wide area coverage and also plenty of cuisines to choose from. They also have a large delivery team, which also mean that your order will arrive efficiently. 

Dah Makan

The name simply means, "have you eaten", which is a phrase fondly used by Malaysians. Dah Makan has a really enticing menu, however their delivery area is only focused to Kuala Lumpur and some areas in PJ. 


RunningMan engages a lot of local restaurants around your area. It is not the best service since the terms & conditions are often set by the restaurants. The restaurant's T&C greatly affects the service of RunningMan, do read them before making your order. 


In terms of customer service, Mammam is on top of the game. They have a customer service line which you can conveniently Whatsapp. You will be served by an actual representative instead of robot. They also have the presence around Asia and only engages Halal-certified restaurants.


Grab leverage their transportation services on food delivery and it has been proven works. Plus, you can collect points from your Grab ride to earn some discounts for your lunch. The GrabReward system covers for both Grab & GrabFood services, which is a huge plus if you want to stretch some value on your money. 

Which delivery services have you tried? What other food delivery services that you would recommend?

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