Monday, February 26, 2018

10 Reasons Why You Don't Get A Call For Job Interview

#1 - There are better candidates

One of the thing we can't control is the quality of candidates applying for the job. When hiring, the HR recruiter will look into 3 factors - available candidates, interested candidates & qualified candidates. You can tell who are your competitors and at what level is their qualification to the job you're applying against your resume.

#2 - Your resume didn't reflect the person they expect to hire

When writing your resume, it is best to analyze the job description of the job you're applying. If your resume doesn't match up to 70% of the job, don't bother to apply. Go back to your resume, edit the keywords and possibly explain your tasks and responsibilities in detailed to match the job. This will increase the possibility of you getting called for an interview.

#3 - The position is already filled

When applying for a job, do you check when the vacancy being posted? Is it a new vacancy or a job posting that has gone stale for the past 3 months. In average, a vacancy is usually filled within 1 month. If it's more than a month you can try to apply, but chances are, the interview session has been conducted with other candidates and the process of selection was half way through.

#4 - Your expected salary is not within the salary range offered

Recruiters wouldn't waste much time to negotiate the salary if your expected salary is way beyond what they can offer, and especially when they have more options to choose from. Be sure to check the salary range they are offering to match the expectation.

#5 - Your location is not viable

As an employer, hiring is the most hassle process. Because of that, they are more willing to hire someone from closest vicinity (to save travel allowance, relocation facility and to provide employment to the community nearby). If your location/address is not near to the work place, your chances of getting an interview is lower.

#6 - Your availability (notice period) is too long

Time is money. This is entirely true in the corporate world. For every vacancy that is not filled, the company is losing productivity and possibly money. Therefore, they won't be waiting for your 3 months notice period if there is an available candidate with the same competencies as your profile.

#7 - Internal politic issues

There are a lot of factors to evaluate whether you get an interview call or not. One of the factors which you can't control is the internal politic that is happening inside the company which you have no knowledge about.

#8 - You're uncontactable

Your contact number and email must be visible and accurate at the time you submit the application. Always update your resume with the latest contact number and email. Although this may seem to be a common sense, you'll be surprised the number of uncontactable candidates goes up to more than 10 people for each position I recruit.

Also remember, one good practice is to save the general phone number of the company you're applying for. That way, when you miss the call during working hour, you would know which company is interested to pursue you. Normally, the recruiters will call during office hour because that is the time they actually work, so do check your phone during office hour.

#9 - They decided not to hire

Some companies come to the decision not to hire because they may be facing an internal structure, there is no need for the position to be filled, they could outsource the tasks to vendors or the current team is able to take up the tasks of the person resigned. There are many factors where the company decided not to hire and it differs from case to case. It totally makes sense because hiring is expensive. This is one cost-saving method that a lot of companies are going for during bad economy or low business activities season.

#10 - There's no vacancy actually 

Sorry to disappoint. Some company (especially MNC), post up vacancy just to do a case study or to gauge the talent demographic within a certain reason.

For example, if a car brand decided to branch out their service centre to a remote area, they might post up a vacancy for an operation manager, mechanics and sales representative. From the data of the candidates that applied will show the quality of the talent within that area and to study if ever any candidate willing to relocate to the remote area.

Now that you know of the different reasons why you're not being called for a job interview, you should feel better, if indeed you didn't get the call. Often times, it doesn't mean you're suck for the job. There might be underlying factors which you couldn't predict. 

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