Tuesday, May 30, 2017

5 Things you have to do on your LinkedIn profile

There are many reasons for using LinkedIn. As you already know (and probably have an account too), LinkedIn is the top social media site for professionals to connect with other professionals, whether in the same industry or from a different background. Some of them using LinkedIn to connect with their professional acquaintances, connect with their clients, recruiters using it to source potential talents and some top management using it to stay updated with industry news. Whatever your reasons are, you should take care of your LinkedIn profile, as it is a mirror to your professional appearance.

#1 - Use a professionally taken photo

Do not confuse Facebook and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not a place for you to share personal matters, moreover a photo taken during your holiday would not be suitable as a profile picture. The photo should be resume-friendly photo taken as such your passport or identity card photos. Alternatively, you can go for photos taken while you are performing your work.

#2 - Edit your URL

When registering for a LinkedIn profile, you will be assigned to a generic URL that ends with a serial number which is good for nothing. To make your link easier to remember, change the URL into your name. Go to Edit My Public Profile, click on the pencil symbol to edit your URL on the right side of the page. Personalized your URL also increase the searchability of your profile.

#3 - Add skills & endorsement

The skills endorsed to you is what others perceived of your capability. Do not underestimate this small section located underneath your work experiences. It helps head hunter or recruiter to understand your career profile in a glance without going through your resume. Start by adding the skills on your own profile, friends will find it easier to vote for the skills they think relevant to you. To encourage them to endorse your skills, you can start by giving them the endoresement first. Go to your friend's profile and start adding the skills.

#4 - Request for recommendations

Request to be recommended by the people you work with directly - your supervisor, manager, direct report or your client. This is an open recommendation which visitors can read on your profile. This can be a good avenue for you to promote your knowledge at work.

#5 - Use the "Summary" section

Highlight your position on the Summary Section by stating your business title, company name or if you are a fresh graduate, simply put "A fresh graduate of University of ABC Faculty of Electrical Engineering with a CGPA of 3.8."

LinkedIn is a beautiful tool to get you connected with not only people you know, but also beyond your connections. The more connections you have, the bigger your network is. On top of all the suggestions above, you can also keep your profile alive by constantly posting content relevant to your industry on your feed.

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