Tuesday, May 16, 2017

3 Types of Resume that Stand Out

As a recruiter, I go through about 10 resumes a day. When there is a vacancy, I go through up to 100 resumes. Screening resume is probably the most tedious task of my work, mainly because 99.9% of the resumes are lack of quality and don't meet my expectation. It puts me in a difficult position whether to forward the resume to the hiring manager or not.

Once a while I do get resumes that stand out from the crowd. In a very rare case, these resumes are:

  1. With portfolio attached

    When there is a good resume, we want to know more about the candidate - what are the past projects that you have done, what are you capable of, what are the business problems that you have solved, etc. These are the information which is impossible to add in the resume.


    (Stated in the resume)

    ABC Corporation
    Technical Sales Representative
    Responsible for end-to-end implementation of Project X in Dubai. Please refer to the attached portfolio for the project.

    (Portfolio attached)

    Project X
    The Project involves global implementation of technical software in Company X. As a supplier from ABC Corporation, my duty is to ensure the project runs smoothly. By providing first class customer service support, I am able to complete the project one month earlier than the expected date. (Elaborate more... )
  2. Highlight problem-solving skills

    Listing all your job responsibilities only show your roles. It doesn't reflect your capability while performing those roles. It is important for you to show your problem-solving skills by elaborating the challenges and how you overcome the problems.


    ABC Corporation
    Technical Sales Representative
    - Responsible for end-to-end implementation of Project X in Dubai. Successfully completed the project one month earlier, resulting in total cost saving of RM1.5mil.
  3. Effective use of keywords

    HR tools and resume screening process are getting more sophisticated these days. Part of the resume screening process has been delegated to cutting edge technology. To outsmart the technology, you will need to alter your resume based on the job description keywords provided. Some of the words carry the same meaning, which the system came across as different words.

    What the system does is to analyze your resume based on the job description posted. Your resume will be given a matching score to the job description. Resumes with higher matching scores will be reviewed thoroughly and those with low scores will be left abandoned.


We hope these tips help you in creating a better resume. If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a comment below. Good luck in your job search. 

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