Monday, November 28, 2016

Who Should You Put as Reference in Your Resume

So you have your resume all drafted and now you are preparing the last part of the entire sheet - the references. Many people do not think this is an important part, some even leave out the entire section. Putting your professional reference can be a long topic by itself. There is an etiquette to referencing.

Who should you include in your reference?

  1. Lecturer/Head of School
    As a fresh graduate, you may not have a large network where you reference to. Your lecturer or head of school would be the best person to know your performance at school and therefore, able to provide sufficient reference.
  2. Supervisor/Manager of part time job
    If you had part time jobs during your undergraduate, you may add your supervisor or manager as your reference. Be reminded that your supervisor/manager should be someone who knows your performance at work and also familiar with your character.
  3. Internship supervisor
    Before you complete your internship, ask your supervisor if he/she is OK if you put them as reference. Your supervisor is the best person to comment on your work performance.
  4. HR personnel
    When checking on the person's character and work performance, a HR personnel would refer to your previous company's HR. Therefore, it is also advisable if you put your previous or current company's HR as your reference.
  5. President/Secretary of a professional club
    It does look more professional if you can add a president or secretary of a certain club you are in. Be sure that the club is a professional club such as sports club, professional associations, Lion Club, JCI, etc. and not a juvenile club. 

Who you should not include in your reference?

  1. Family member
  2. Friend
  3. Relatives
  4. People who don't know you professionally

There are also some etiquette to follow if you are citing someone as your reference. First, ask for the person's consent. It is a courtesy to do so because you will be revealing the person's phone number and email. After you applied for some jobs, again, let the person know which company you have applied. This will avoid a surprise whenever they receive a phone call. Never fake your reference. Some big companies will send your resume to third party background check if you are being shortlisted. Any discrepancy on your resume will be highlighted.

I hope the sharing is useful. If you have any questions regarding resume writing, please leave your comment below. 

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