Monday, November 28, 2016

Should I Put Photo In My Resume?

Have you ever given a thought whether you should or should not include your photo in your resume?There are two schools of thoughts on this topic:

No, you should not 
It is more professional to leave your photos out of the picture. By putting your photo in your resume will create a pre-judgement on your outlook to the hiring manager. You should score the job based on your experience, knowledge, skills and ability.

Including photo (and also gender) in your resume may also lead to discrimination in some society. Not only it does not add value to your resume, it may also lead your future employer to search for your social media profile before securing an interview.

The choice of your photo also affects your resume. What you wear in your photo, your facial extression, the background of your photo and how your photo is taken cause premature judgment on your professionalism. If you think there is not need to explain further, there are some people who attach selfie photo in their resume.

Yes, you should

It gives an overall impression to the hiring manager when he or she is able to see who applying for his job. Some positions require the "look" to fit in. For example when applying positions for PR, marketing, communication, HR and other jobs that require "good appearance", it is beneficial to include your photo.

Taking into account the massive social media consumption these days, hiring managers' consciousness are trained to select resume with photos. It is an added advantage and make your profile stand out if you have your photo attached. 

The decision depends on your preference. In my opinion, you should add a photo because of the trend these days and it does make your CV worth a second glance. However, always remember your photo option. To play safe, attach a professional passport photo and make sure you include a smile. Ask for your family and friend's honest opinion if you look presentable in the photo before sending it out.

Good luck in your job search!

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