Monday, November 28, 2016

Read This Before You Visit A Career Fair

It is the time of the year again. Expect to see a lot of career fair coming up soon. If you are in the quest of searching for a job, be prepared. Thousands of job applicants will be competing for the same job with you.

Dress appropriately
Don't turn up wearing a sandal and shorts. For weekend career fair, smart casual is the safest choice of attire. If it is a targetted career fair, for example, career fair for executive jobs, wear like an executive. You want to look like you blend in with the crowd. 

Resume is outdated
This is 2016. Anything hardcopy is outdated. Avoid bringing hardcopy resume with you. Hardcopy resume would be a nuisance to keep, think about this... the exhibitor employers have to carry back all the exibition materials (such as bunting, promotion materials, laptops, etc.) at the end of the day. Don't let your resume end up in the rubbish bin or add up to their burden. Prepare a name card sized contact card with your basic information, position interested, highest education and latest work experience to hand out.

Pre-visit research

You may not have the luxury of time to visit all the booths. Do your homework on what are the companies exhibiting at the career fair and focus on the companies you are interested first. Get the contact and send your resume after the career fair.

Get as many contact as you can
Collect as many contacts as you can. Send a follow up email with attached resume. Even if the company do not have vacancies for you, send in your resume for future reference. The contact may also be useful for your future needs when they have vacancy.

Open your eyes to observe

To know more about the job market, evaluate what are the most positions offered by the different companies. If the majority of the companies have the same available vacancies, it means that the skill needed for that position is crucial. Also, survey on the salary range so you know what is the market salary for your background. There are a lot of information to collect during career fair, make sure you open your eyes and know how to use the information wisely.

Prepare the questions you want to ask
Before going for career fair, list down the information you want - what are the positions available, any vacancies, salary range, job scope, what is the expected performance if hired, what is the length of probation, what are the benefits provided, etc.

Good luck in your job search. Remember, you are worth more than you think. 

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