Monday, November 28, 2016

Quick stress relieve at work

The phone rings every minute. You have a stack of pending documents to attend to. Every email is marked as "urgent". And you feel like doing a table flip. However, being a reasonable person, you know you won't do that. So, what do you do?

You can never run away from work stress. But you certainly can control your emotions to handle the stress better. After all, good stress is good for your health. Here are some quick tips on how to relieve your stress without leaving your work cubicle.

Read to escape
Read some articles from magazine or books that not related to your work. When you take your mind off from the stress, it reboots itself and gives you a fresh start when you resume your work. If you don't have any hard copy reading materials, surf the internet or watch a quick video. Our mind works like machine, once it is overheated, you need to unplug it from the heating source. Let it cool down for awhile, then resume your work

Listening to relaxing music
If you can't take five minutes off your work, tune into relaxing music such as those played in spa. My personal favorite are bamboo flute music, Japanese Shamisen, Bali Degung and classical music. Alternatively, you can Youtube sound of jungle, waterfall, waves or flowing river. The natural sound can sooth your emotions while you are handling stressful tasks. It is good to have a pair of headphones at your work station at all times. You wouldn't know when you need it.

Do a cubicle exercise
Get your body move to increase your blood circulation. One root cause of stress is because your brain didn't get enough oxygen to do the necessary thinking. Drink a glass of room temperature water and do some stretching exercise. You can also get a quick foot reflexology by putting a tennis ball (or golf ball) at the arch of your foot then roll it around while you are sitting at your desk.

Ignite your senses
Scented candle works like wonder when you have a bad day. This is the beauty of aroma therapy. Choose the scent that calm you and put it at your desk. Light it up whenever you need it. Scent like lemongrass, lavender and eucalyptus have healing power for relaxation. Use fruity scents for a fresh feel.

Have a cup of tea
Make yourself a warm cup of green tea, ginger tea or coffee. Green tea is proven to relax your mind whether you have it cold or hot. Keep some of it in tea bags at work. You will find it really useful. 

Always remember that stress at work can be a good thing, but don't overly stress until it causes your health. 

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