Monday, November 28, 2016

Questions you need to ask during job interview

A job interview should be a two-way communication, remember that it is not an interrogation session. The employer needs to find out about your background and you need to find out more about the job you are applying. Therefore, you shouldn't be shy to ask questions. Asking questions will not make you look bossy. Instead, it reflects your interest in the job you are applying.

Below are some of the questions you should ask during your first interview:

  1. What is the working hour?
  2. Who will I be working with? How many people in the team?
  3. Who will I be reporting to?
  4. Is there anyone reporting to me?
  5. What is my chance of getting this job?
  6. How many people already applied for this job?
  7. How many people been called or will be called for interview for this position?
  8. How is the working culture like?
  9. Is there any skill that I need to buckle up for this position?
  10. How do I follow up after the interview? 

And of course, there are some questions that you shouldn't ask during your first interview. They are:

  1. How much is the salary?
  2. Can you call me to notify the interview result?
  3. How many days of leaves do I get?
  4. I'm going for holiday from (insert date) to (insert date). Can I apply for leave during that time? 

Remember, the first interview is for you to show your interest for the job. Ask questions regarding the job scope and working culture. Leave all the negotiations to the second interview (if you are lucky enough to be called for another interview.). 

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