Monday, November 28, 2016

How to make effective phone calls at work

There is a huge difference between making a personal phone call and making a work-related phone call. Phone calls can be annoying to some because it interrupts their working time and especially if the phone call drags on with no purpose. 

You will be surprised how many newbies out there who don't know how to make an effective phone call. What is important to you, may not be important to the other person.

Avoid wasting your time and look more professional by practicing these simple guides:

  1. Always start your phone call with a greeting and make yourself known. "Hello, my name is (insert name) from (insert company and/or position). I am calling regarding (state your purpose of calling). 
  2. State how long the conversation is going to take so that the receiver can expect how long he or she needs to hold on to the line.
    "I need to speak to you for 2 minutes on..."
  3. Any phone calls longer than 10 minutes should be shortened into an email.
    "I have a proposal to present to you. Can I have your email address so that I can send you the proposal?"
  4. After every phone call, write an email to confirm the content of your conversation. Most information discussed for work purposes require black and white reference. For example, "Dear Amy, referring to our phone call earlier, we have discussed on (list your discussion points). 
  5. If you are speaking to someone new, always end your phone call by stating your name again. This is because the person might forget your name or did not catch your name earlier. For example,
    "Thank you for your time. Once again, I am (say your name) from (say your company name). Hope to hear from you again." 
  6. If the receiver is busy and unable to attend to the phone call, ask for the suitable time to call back.
    "May I know what is the best time to call you?"
  7. Know what to ask and most importantly expect the answer before you make the phone call so that you know where the conversation leads to. Draft your questions before you start dialing the phone number. Predict the answer and then move on to the next questions. That way you won't be wasting both parties' time and also get the answer you want immediately. 

Most importantly, don't be rude. It is easy to hear from the tone of your voice if you are rude. And don't hang up on the other person even if you are in heated argument. Just suggest them to call again later.

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