Sunday, November 27, 2016

How to decorate your home office

More and more company opt for working-from-home culture to save cost and increase staff's productivity. Some company even allocate allowances for their staff to renovate/decorate their home office.

Office is a personal space. Consider that most of your time will be spent at your desk, making important decision at that particular place and maybe receiving guests, you need to design your office based on your working style.

Below are some suggestions where you can improve the interior of your home office.


If your work requires a lot of filing and documentation, you may consider organization shelf or unit. Organization and shelf units may cost a fair bit of budget. Normally those who are in creative line will fine it more useful to invest in this.


For those who spend majority of their time on the desks, it is useful to place your desk facing the window or directly facing the sunlight. There are many benefits by doing so - boosting your creativity, increasing the "space" in your mind, generate fresh perspective while you are doing work and cultivate new ideas. 

Personal touch

Do you place a lot of importance in personal touch when it comes to decorating? If your job requires constant inspiration, you may want to add some designs that will ignite your creativity. Stick to one main theme and pick the furniture, wallpaper or color scheme that suit the theme. 

Expecting guests

Will you be expecting guests like your teammate, boss or client? Consider whether you want to separate the meeting space or to amalgamate your workspace together with the meeting space? If you appreciate privacy or deal with other personal details a lot, you may want to separate the workspace from your meeting space. However, if you expect to have team player coming over for discussion, you can merge the both. 

Do you work from home? Is there any tips you would like to share to help others on decorating their workspace? Do use the comment section below. 

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