Monday, November 28, 2016

How to deal with toxic people at work

Toxic people are everywhere and extremely dangerous at workplace. Their existence will drag your mood down and if not treated well, they might affect your work performance as well. It takes a long time to learn how to deal with toxic people. And below are some of the suggestions you can consider when dealing with one.

Understand why are they behaving as such
Are they behaving in a negative way because they are pressed with deadlines and other work pressure? If yes, you need to move your pace faster to meet their demand. Sometimes it's the imbalance of priorities that don't put both of you on the same channel.

Increase communication
Don't take things personally. Increase your communication by asking them how are the doing or ask them out for lunch. It might be the miscommunication that triggers the tension. Get to know them beyond working hour and sometimes, things aren't as bad as how you see it.

Know the limit
The purpose of you communicating with other co-workers are to get the job done. Get your priority straight. When your tasks are done, avoid extra communication with the toxic people. To reduce the tension, make sure your communication with them is done in a polite way. Firmly stress on the jobs that need to be done and its deadline. Focus on the solution and let them handle their own emotions.

Don't let their action affect you
You are responsible for your own action and not others. If the other person wants to behave in a toxic way, let them be. It is their right. Don't engage in anything that you think is not proper at your workplace. Stay positive and surround yourself with positive people. Remain calm and the result will be rewarding. 

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