Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How to apply for an internship effectively

A large number of people start their career with an internship. Do not underestimate the importance of internship, it is not about parking yourself with a company and get yourself pass through your examination. Not knowing what to do and with very little guidance, some people stumble at this point. If you think throwing resumes to the front door of every company you can find is going to land you an intern placement, you've never been so wrong. It doesn't work this way. There are some preparation to be made and a little research will help you a lot.

Follow these steps for an effective internship application. It will not guarantee you an intern placement, but surely, it will put above other applicants.

Step 1: Prepare your documents
You will need a complete resume stating your personal details, industrial training letter from your faculty or university and a full academic transcript. If your application is not required by your institution and you want to gain some working experience out of your own initiative, you need to prepare a cover letter.

Step 2: Research
Determine the scope that you want to learn, whether it is to improve your technical skills or interpersonal skills or both. Research on the companies that you want to be attached to. Make a list of top 10 companies of your choice and start applying.

Step 3: Application
If you know the right channel to apply, go ahead and get started. These days, application are normally done through emails or the company's website. If you are unsure, give them a call. When applying through email, ensure that you have your basic info stated on the content of the email to indicate clearly - your name, name of university, course name, duration of internship and your current location. This will cut down the time of the person who screens through the application. Make your information easily seen, and the luckier you will get.

Step 4: Follow up
If you do not receive any reply within 3 days, give the company a call and check your status. Confirm with the HR personnel if they have received your application. Sometimes your email may end up in the junkmail.

Step 5: Interview
You may be called for an interview. If an interview has been scheduled, make sure you turn up on time and bring along the hardcopy of your documents. To impress the interviewer further, you should bring along certificates of activities or trainings that you have participated.

Step 6: Questions to ask
Is it a paid internship? How much will you get? Is transport, accommodation, meal or any other benefits provided? What are your jobscope? Who will you be reporting to? What is the working hour? Will you receive a certificate of completion or employment reference letter after you completed your internship? All these basic information should be made to you.

Step 7: Acceptance

In normal circumstances, a job offer letter will be issued to you. You will need to sign the letter and send it back to the company. At this point of time your application is deemed accepted.

Good luck!

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