Monday, November 28, 2016

How to act more professionally at work

Communication is important at work, regardless whether it is work-related or not. You can't run away from communicating with your co-worker, bosses or client. How do you present yourself to look more professional so you don't get yourself too relax in your communication?

Keep the relationship professionally
Have a clear line between people you work with and your friends. In a long run, your coworkers will eventually become a personal friend. Keep your personal communication outside work. Don't use work email to ask your coworker/friend for a weekend shopping trip. Use your own mobile phone instead.

Limit your jokes

Studies showed that sense of humour is important at work. However, limit your jokes with coworkers. Offensive jokes should be avoided at all times. Know the difference between positive and negative humour.


One way to look professional is by giving respect to coworkers of all levels. No matter how you dislike the person, always treat him/her with respect as a coworker. Ensure you address their title, ask permission, ask opinion, keep them updated with the project you're working on with the person and reply to their emails and phone calls. Leave your negative judgment outside work.

Support your ideas with facts

Whenever you are proposing a new idea or rejecting someone else's proposal, always support yourself with data, findings, previous occurence or studies. If you are unable to find these facts to support yourself, give a solid reason why you are proposing or reject the ideas.


Self-awareness is everything. A positive confidence of yourself will give a positive confidence for others to rely on you to perform your tasks. Deliver what you promised and keep your enthusiasm going.

Strategic thinking

Be smart in everything you do. You need to think one step ahead. This will also support your confidence, especially in decision making and also handling projects.

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