Monday, November 28, 2016

Get connected with people of the industry via

Here's a new thing that you should explore - is more than another social networking site. It is a social networking site which allows you to connect with people of the industry, just like LinkedIn but with much more features. lets you connect with everyone and anyone who registered their profile on the site. This is one major advantage which you can't find on LinkedIn. While LinkedIn limits the people that you can connect with, helps you to reach out to people that relevant to your industry. It is like the Facebook for your career networking.

Main features of

  • Easy to signup. You can signup with your Facebook or Google profile. Your page is complete within 30 seconds (depending on the speed of your internet). 
  • Customize your own page to your liking. You can add colours to your background. You can position your layout any way you like. 
  • The "Backstory" feature works like an online resume where you can list your employment history, education background, location and interest. 
  • Lets you connect to people by searching for their interest, location, organization or name. For example, if you are looking for someone who works in Coca-cola, you can use the search feature and the result will prompt those who are related to Coca-cola. You can message the person or put them on the list of "interesting people" or "people to follow up with". 
  • also has a digital name card feature via their mobile app. Just download the app, sign in to your account and the app automatically extract the info from your profile and turn it into a business card. When you exchange your business card with someone, you can also add them on the list of "interesting people" or "people to follow up with". It makes social meetings more organized and purposeful. 
  • Get yourself known and let people search you by listing your skills and expertise.

Who should register?

  • Young people who starting out on their career. You will need such networking to connect you to the relevant people. 
  • Project owners. If you are launching a new project and looking for opportunity to pitch your new ideas. 
  • People in the creative industry. Use as your online portfolio. 
  • Those who meet a lot of people on social events can easily group the people you meet via the digital business card app. 

Try it yourself. There's no harm getting yourself an account. Although the profiles of the users are not as extensive as LinkedIn, their database is certainly growing. Put your footprint on and let people discover you by your skills or expertise. If you decide to create an account, do add me. My profile is

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