Monday, November 28, 2016

5 things you need to do before age 25

Time wasted cannot be gained. Statistics show that most of the spare time young people spent are on playing games, shopping, partying and social media. During the early stage of your career (we assume at the age of 25), you will need to prepare yourself for a long journey ahead (we're talking 30-40 years ahead). 

Before you reach 35 and telling yourself "I should have done (insert your guilt here) in my 20's", here are some heads up.

Surround yourself with the best people

Don't be shy to talk to important people. Most youngsters are lacking in self-confidence when networking in persons; thanks to social media and current technologies. Attend more social networking events so that you can get some important contacts and also get yourself known to the people in the industry. If you are really introvert, start with meeting your own friends frequently and ask them to introduce their friends to you. Everyone you meet have different skills and comes from different backgrounds. Their skills may complement your future projects.

Choose the right hobby

Do you spend all your savings on the latest game, and then spend majority of your time playing the game? You may want to consider other hobbies. Choose a hobby that can either make more money or improve your knowledge and skills. If you can't make up your mind,  pick up sports. At least you will have a healthier body that fuels you ahead. Don't spend your valuable time on non-value added activities. 

Understand that it is not always about yourself
For every decision you make, take in the factor of people you affect. A direct example would be your family. If you need to accept a job that is away from home, discuss with your family about it. When you are in an organization and want to kick start your project, understand the concern of your team mates and other departments and make adjustments to reach mutual agreement.

Get as many part-time jobs you can
Get out of your comfort zone and get your hands dirty. You will be judged on your interpersonal skills on these part-time jobs. Jobs like waitressing, customer service or sales assistant will reflect your ability to communicate well. If you do freelance projects, you will be judged based on your time management and ability to meet deadlines. These little jobs which you don't think complement your career can actually boost your chances in getting the job you dream of.

Save up as much as you can

Prepare three coin boxes (not literally, but you know what it means), one for emergency fund such as medical, second one for retirement and last one for investment. Fill in your emergency fund for at least RM10,000. Why RM10,000? That is the average amount you will need to spend in case of any major health issues. Don't rely on insurance. The emergency fund should be ready at your expense whenever you need it. Save up a fair bit of money for your retirement. When you are comfortable with your spending and still have surplus after you save up for emergency and retirement, you can move on to make more money out of your money, that is... investment.

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