Wednesday, November 30, 2016

10 Gift Ideas for Colleagues & Gifting Tips

It is the countdown of advent calendar. Which means, Christmas is near. And we will think of gifts and thanksgiving whenever we say Christmas. Truly, Christmas is the ideal time of the year to give your colleagues small gifts as a token of appreciation to what they've helped you so far.

Just some heads up, giving presents might be an innocent act for you. But for some toxic people, they might interpret this as bribery or favoritism. Here are some of the ways you can avoid undesirable events from happening:

1. Give everyone the same thing of the same value
2. Do not pick your favourites only, give it to the entire team
3. Personalize name tags for each person so that everyone will feel special

As a newbie, you might not be earning a lot to buy expensive presents for everyone in your team. So, I have picked some gift ideas that are affordable for someone who earns below RM3000 per month. Plus, some of the stuff are also DIY-able.

#1 - Instant Coffee/Tea
Almost 70% of the working population are fueled by caffeine. Find out whether your colleague is a tea or coffee person. Having instant coffee or tea bag in their drawer is like an instant rescue whenever they need some extra boost at work.

#2 - Post-It Notes
Everyone needs Post-It Notes. And you can find some quirky and cute post-it notes from Taobao or Aliexpress at very cheap price. You can find them in different themes and my favourite is the planet collection.

#3 - Paper clips
Paper clips are basic stationery in everyone's drawer. You can DIY your own card and embellish the card with the paper clips. It would be the cutest office gift ever. Paper clips are so affordable and you can find it in any stationery shops.

#4 - Mini cactus
Adding a little greens in your colleagues' workplace will also add some "zen" in their hectic lifestyle. I'm pretty sure everyone loves small cacti. You can also transfer the plant into artistic pots or label it with your colleagues' names on them.

#5 - Pendrive
These days, no one will reject extra storage for their photos, movies, songs or whatever files on their computer. And pendrives come in really creative shapes like ice cream, sushi, etc. USB pendrive is by far the most useful gift you can give to your co-workers. I gave the ice-cream USB drive to my teammates last year and I see them using it all the time.

#6 - Mini To-Do List
If you team is in a hectic environment that constantly chased by deadlines, this Mini To-Do List would be a useful gift. You can find this in Taobao or Aliexpress as well.

#7 - Small treats
If you're a baker, small treats are the best thing to give. Cookies, brownies, candies, cupcakes or macaroons are the easiest to make. Wrap them in cute packaging. This will definitely send a smile onto your team's face. Remember, reduce on the sugar. If you're not a baker, simply buy it.

#8 - Keyboard cleaning putty
Another useful thing to give is the Keyboard Cleaning Putty. I'm sure your coworkers might have collected a lot of crumbs in between their keyboard keys. This slimmy thing can be a great help for them. Available at eBay.

#9 - Mini cork board
A mini cork board is another useful item to organize your coworker's life. It serves as a pretty deco for their workdesk as well. You can DIY this and personalize it with your friend's name on it (also serve as their table name tag).

#10 - Happiness Planner
Everyone needs a little bit of happiness in life. Make your coworkers happy with this happiness planner. If you think the price is too steep, you can download the printable version <<here>> and DIY your own happiness planner for them.

If you are going to purchase any gifts from Taobao, Aliexpress or Ebay, you better be fast. Shipping can be delayed when nearer to Christmas. I hope you'll enjoy your holiday! 

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