Thursday, April 14, 2016

How Safeguard Yourself From Office Bullying

"If people are trying to bring you down, it only means that you are above them" 

Just like in school, there are bullies at workplace as well. However, unlike schools, the bullies are more professional, where physical abuse is no longer their activity. Bullying at workplace can be so refined that, as a victim, you might not even aware that you are being bullied.

To avoid yourself from being bullied, first you have to recognize the act of bullying itself. There are are several acts that are obvious, where you can recognize it immediately:

1. Name calling
2. Pushing of tasks
3. Pushing of responsibilities
4. Denying opportunities (may not be easy to spot)

Once you have recognized the act, know your relationship with the bully. Is he/she your:

1. Immediate boss
2. Boss' boss
3. Team mate
4. Team from the same department, but not your direct team mate
5. Co-worker from another department

The relationship stated above is ranked to the most-important to the least-important. The reason why you need to understand the relationship structure is because you need to know who matter the most. If a co-worker from another department request tasks from you, you have to evaluate whether the tasks is your responsibility or not.

Below are some tips on how to safeguard yourself from getting bullied:

Understand your jobscope well
If a coworker request you to help him/her on her tasks, always ask yourself - will the task add value to your team or yourself if you accept it? If the answer is no, reject it.

Understand if it is a favour or your responsibility
If it is a favour request, you have the right to reject it.

Record the events
Take note on the bullying acts and keep a record of it. If it occurs more than 3 times, bring the matter up to the management, HR or worker's union.

Do you think you're being bullied at work? Speak to somebody. Do not keep it to yourself and give way to the bully. 

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